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Editing Services

From complete edits of novels to group coaching and one-on-one coaching, I offer a variety of editing and book coaching services to fit your needs and your budget. Some clients I work with need just a light touch – line editing for punctuation, spelling, etc. Others seek a more heavy hand, knowing what they want to accomplish with their writing but unsure of how to get there on their own. Still others benefit from a small group setting where we “workshop” works-in-progress, get your work in front of multiple readers and give and receive feedback on drafts. 

The editing and coaching packages I offer are meant to meet writers where they are – whether it’s at the very beginning of a writing journey, somewhere in the middle or pushing toward the finish line. Ask me about group coaching services, or schedule a free 30-minute consult to discuss your work and determine the best course of action. 

Every good writer is supported by a strong editor and strong and caring readers. There are many types of editing, and we talk about all possibilities in an initial free 30-minute consult. Contact me today, and let’s explore how we can work together to help you clarify and polish your message, story or brand!

Bring your story to life with Kate Meadows Editing! Kate Meadows Editing is based in the Black Hills of South Dakota but works remotely with clients everywhere.

Services include:

  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing (combing your content line-by-line for errors, inconsistencies, repetition, confusing passages, etc.)
  • Copyediting (a final look at your content, checking for proper grammar/punctuation/spelling and accuracy of facts and descriptions)
  • Manuscript critiques (a combination of developmental and line editing, along with a one-page write-up of encouragement and feedback)
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Proofreading
  • Dissertation editing
  • Brand consistency
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Book a free 30-minute consult today, and we’ll put together a customized plan to help you improve your writing, write a clear brand message, tell a great story or simply gain a better and more thorough understanding of your project.

Work with a professional editor and trained writing coach who offers meaningful and constructive criticism – feedback that is honest and open, yet respectful. Grow as a writer and meet your writing goals with a voice that will both encourage and challenge you along the way. 

A first draft is telling a story to yourself. Revision is telling a story to everyone else.

Not sure which type of editing you need? Check out the links below or contact Kate to talk about your project!

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“I trust you with my literary life.”
Mark H.
Doctoral Candidate of philosophy
“I was hoping no one would notice the possible problem, but nothing escapes your eagle-eye.”
George N.
Historical Author