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Introducing the New STORYCORE Community

A membership community for writers at all levels to move from stuck, fearful and uncertain to inspired, confident and driven in the direction of their stories.

At StoryCore, we’ll help you commit to a writing life where you see progress on your creative work every day.

Writing is lonely work. Whether you are a writer or someone who writes (who has not for whatever reason yet crossed that invisible threshold of confidently calling yourself a writer), the only way to get writing done is to sit down and do it. That’s hard for many of us, because it requires discipline, courage and an unwavering belief in ourselves that we have something worth saying. 

StoryCore is a growing community of writers who seek encouragement, accountability to show up to the page, and creative ways to connect with other writers. Become a member today and tell us what you’re working on, where you’re stuck, what you need to keep moving forward in your creative work. As a member, you can schedule monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Kate (more info here), receive feedback on your works-in-progress, join monthly writing craft talks and more. As writers, we need each other.

Join today, and become part of a dynamic community that is committed to helping writers like you create work you can be proud of!

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Questions? Email Kate at, or send your question via our Contact Form.

Writing Craft Talks

As STORYCORE grows, we will offer monthly WRITING CRAFT talks. Craft talks will be hosted live online the first Friday of every month, at 1 p.m. Mountain Time. All craft talks are included with a STORYCORE membership of $37 per month. However, you can also purchase courses separately if you’re not a STORYCORE member, for $27 each. View the WRITING CRAFT talk schedule below and click LEARN MORE/BUY NOW to purchase and receive a link to access the talk. All talks are recorded, so if you miss the live version, you will still receive access to the recording. 

Why I Write

Why do you write? Why is writing important to you? Declare yourself a writer once and for all by getting to the heart of these deceptively difficult questions and crafting your own "Why I Write" statement.