Group Coaching Program

A 6-week intensive program limited to 12 writers

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About the Program

If you’re stuck on a writing project, wanting to start on a project but aren’t sure how or where to begin, or crave feedback on your creative ideas, you’re in the right place! With Kate’s NEW six-week group coaching program for writers, you’ll get weekly writing lessons that are both inspirational and practical, geared toward making you a better writer and helping you know how to identify a powerful story from a so-so draft. You’ll also receive thorough feedback on one work-in-progress and be welcomed into a support system that will help you get to the finish line with your writing project. Find clarity in your story, grow in the writing craft and join other writers who, like you, are creating something powerful through story!

Why Group Coaching for Writers?

Short motivational lessons on writing

Learn what it takes to tell a powerful story

Feedback on your Work-in-progress

Receive peer AND instructor feedback on your work and learn how giving AND receiving feedback makes you a better writer

Accountability through community

By joining other writers, you'll be expected to submit work by specific deadlines, holding you accountable to writing milestones

Continued support once you complete the Coaching program

Continue in a dedicated writing community with others in your coaching program, if desired

Be part of something bigger.

Discover how working in a small group with other writers will up your writing game and hold you accountable to your creative work. Let’s make your story happen.