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Writing workshops are incubators for effective communication. They help bring creative ideas, projects and books into the world. They foster a sense of community, encourage new ways of thinking and serve as a hub to generate creative work. Meet other creative thinkers, process ideas, receive feedback, be part of a bigger conversation. All workshops can be taught in person or online.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Business writing 101
  • Creative Mapping
  • Creative Nonfiction 101
  • Creative Writing for Kids
  • Effective Manuscript Critiquing
  • Experimenting with Form
  • How and When to Write and Effective Memoir
  • Memory & Memoir: How to Navigate Your  “Wiggly” Mind
  • The Quiet Memoir
  • Telling Our Life Stories
  • Writing and Community: Using Story as Expression
  • Writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul

In addition to these top 12, Kate offers one-hour craft workshops on topics such as building a narrative, honesty and transparency, momentum and pacing, voice/tone, plot, character, ethics of telling true stories, and more!