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What’s Your Number-One Writing Goal for 2024?

It’s 2024. Happy New Year! The new year marks a new beginning, and as a writer roiling with new creative energy, I’m curious. What primary goal have you set for 2024?

To be more specific, what is your number-one writing goal for this new year?

Most of us have multiple goals as a new year gets underway, and as a writer, I will say I have multiple writing goals. But if I were to declare ONE and focus on it above all others, I know what it would be: upping my submissions game to magazines and literary magazines.

That’s not quite specific enough, though. What would upping my submissions game look like, exactly?

For me, it’s getting into a routine, a predictable schedule, of regularly submitting my work and ideas to publications. By “regularly,” I mean every week. And I mean every day, Monday through Friday.

Seeing those words on the page – EVERY DAY – makes my eyes bulge a little. Holy smokes! That’s a lot of submissions!

Or is it?

Rather than track my submissions by the number each day, I plan to track my submissions by the time I spend each day, allowing myself a little time each day to research outlets and send my work out there. The more I think about this goal and lay it out, the more excited I get.

Goals are like that: The more specific we get with them, the more excited we become. Why? Because we can more clearly see what we’re trying to accomplish.

As you lay out your writing goals for 2024, I encourage you to think critically. Give your goal setting the time it deserves, and get specific.

If you’d like some guidance, then I invite you to attend my free webinar, “Clarify Your Writing Goals for 2024.” I’ll host this webinar three times, on three different days and at three different times, to accommodate schedules. When you register, you can choose from the following dates/times:

Sat. 1/13 @ 10 a.m. MT

Sun. 1/14 @ 3 p.m. MT

Mon 1/22 @ noon MT

The sessions will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to access the recording when you have time.

In “Clarify Your Writing Goals for 2024,” you will set a writing road map for the coming year by identifying exactly how you want to grow as a writer over the next 12 months. You will identify potential hurdles, brainstorm with me and other attendees ways to overcome those hurdles and walk away with a step-by-step plan for how to accomplish your specific writing goals for 2024.

You’ll walk away with a clear outline, knowing exactly what your next step is to meeting your 2024 writing goals. You’ll have tools in your toolbelt and the confidence and sense of clarity to make 2024 your best writing year yet!

Your writing goal may fall into one of these categories:

  • Experimenting in a new genre
  • Putting your writing out into the world
  • Completing a major project
  • Writing every day
  • Improving your writing skills

Where do you fall? What is your number-one writing goal for 2024? I would love to know, and I would love to support you as you move forward with your writing. Share your goal with me, and let’s inspire each other on this creative journey!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Number-One Writing Goal for 2024?”

  1. Hello, Kate,
    Your encouragement is the most important factor inside my writer’s mind, thank you!!!
    My #1 goal for 2024 is to complete my life story
    This project will be in the form of Script for filmmaking
    Your e-mails & suggestions are always welcome
    I actually wait for them every day with anticipation!!!
    Take care,

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